Bioness Stimrouter: Common Peroneal Nerve Procedure

Dr. Stephen Barrett discusses the instruments in the Bioness StimRouter kit before demonstrating how to implant the device adjacent to the common peroneal nerve.

Lumbar Lysis of Adhesion-Caudal Approach

Dr. Ira Fox demonstrates how to perform a lysis of adhesion procedure on a cadaver via caudal approach (via the sacral hiatus).

Bioness Stimrouter With Dr. Stephen Barrett

Dr. Stephen Barrett talks about his experience in treating peripheral neuropathies in the lower extremity using the Bioness StimRouter.

RF and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Sudhir Diwan talks about his approach to pain medicine with the use of his office, surgery centers, and hospitals.


Dr. Carolina Haylock-Loor briefly discusses how the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists (WFSA) global presence.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Dr. Andrea Trescot teaches students at the Pain School International how to implant a spinal cord stimulator.

The Scarring Triangle And Its Results

Dr. Haylock-Loor discusses how important the lysis of adhesions procedure has been in treating her patients.

Regenerative Medicine: Sacroiliac Joint

Dr. Annu Navani demonstrates how to perform sacroiliac injections in a cadaver lab.

The Challenges of a Private Practice

Drs. Boutwell, Cordner, and Bakshi, as a panel, answer questions on the struggles and rewards of running a private practice.

Tools For Cervical Procedures

Dr. Haylock-Loor, President of the Honduran Society of Anesthesia, discusses the Adhesiolysis procedure in the cervical spine, and the successful outcome she encounters.


Bioness Stimrouter: Tibial Nerve Procedure

Dr. Stephen Barrett demonstrates two different approaches for lead placement of the Bioness StimRouter for tibial nerve stimulation.


Dr. Arthur Watanabe demonstrates how to perform a thoracic rhizotomy on a cadaver.

Two Needle Technique for Lumbar Discogram

Dr. Harold Cordner demonstrates a two-needle technique for a lumbar discogram.

Plantar Fascia: Ultrasound Evaluation and Regenerative Medicine Procedures

Dr. George Chien demonstrates how to visualize the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon of the foot under ultrasound.

Trigeminal Lab RF Ganglion

Dr. Andre Marques demonstrates, using a cadaver, how to perform a trigeminal ganglion block/RF procedure.

Sacroiliac Steroid Injection

Dr. Kenneth Chapman performs a sacroiliac (SI) injection with the aid of fluoroscopic guidance.

Bioness Stimrouter

Dr. Youssef Josephson performs a live Bioness Stimrouter PNS implant to treat neuropathy of the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous nerve caused by a previous total hip replacement.

Trigeminal Ganglion RF

Dr. Andre Marques Mansano Demonstrates Needle Placement for Radiofrequency Ablation of the Trigeminal Ganglion

Obtaining Bone Marrow

Dr. Aaron Calodney demonstrates the proper technique to access the ideal portion of the iliac crest for obtaining bone marrow aspirate.


Dr. Andres Betts demonstrates how to properly advance the cannula for a mechanical lumbar-kyphoplasty.


Shortcomings of of Epidural Steroids

Dr. Craig Hartrick discusses the many unanswered question regarding the use of steroids in pain management.

Avoiding Complications with Interventional Spine Procedures

Dr. Candido explains the importance of evidence based medicine and following guidelines to minimize complications from ESIs.

Ultrasound Anatomy

From Pain School International, Dr. Agnes Stogicza gives a presentation on the use of ultrasound to better identify structures related to the cervical spine.

Pain in Trigeminal Nerve Ganglion

Dr. Miles Day discusses both the trigeminal ganglion and sphenopalatine ganglion block as treatments for facial pain and headaches.

The Role of Women in WIP

Dr. Monique Steegers explains her role as a FIPP exam monitor, and how her experience in research helps to ensure the exam is always current and evidence based.

Lysis of Epidural Adhesions

Dr. Gabor Racz gives a technique-based slide presentation on the Lysis of Adhesion procedure.

Epidural Injections: A Panel Discusses Several Techniques

Dr. Candido moderates a panel consisting of Drs. Buenaventura and Glaser on various topics comparing the safety and efficacy of many ESI techniques in the lumbar and the cervical spine.

The Reach Of The WIP

As a FIPP examiner, Dr. Milan Stojanovic has a unique view on the World Institute of Pain (WIP).

Interventional Pain As A Specialty In Today’s Society

Dr. Ruiz Lopez speaks about the importance of Interventional Pain as a specialty in today’s society, especially with such an overuse of opioids.

Neuroplasty with Yong-Chul Kim

Dr. Yong-Chul Kim gives a detailed slide presentation on neuroplasty to show the evidence-based efficacy of the procedure.


Hypertonic Saline

Dr. Gabor Racz talks about his involvement in discovering the benefits introducing hypertonic saline in the epidural space after a lysis of adhesion procedure.

RX-2 vs Standard

Dr. Racz compares the use of the typical introducer needle to the RX-2 Coude needle for inserting spinal cord simulators. The standard needle is similar to that of a Tuohy and has a curve in the tip.

RX-2 Conclusion

Dr. Racz reviews a few key points to conclude his discussion on the use and advantage of the RX-2 Coude needle, not only for efficacy but also patient safety.

RX-2 Patient Positioning

Dr. Racz offers simple yet important "tips" when positioning a patient in the prone position for optimal fluoroscopic viewing of the spine.

“How to avoid Complications with the RX-2”

Dr. Racz compares the safety of RX-2 Coude needle to other needle by demonstrating the use of the second, atraumatic stylet.

“The RX-2 Coude Needle for better SCS Placement”

Dr. Racz explains the advantages of using the RX-2 Coude needle when advancing cervical stimulator leads compared to that of a Tuohy needle.

Flexion-Rotation with the RX-2

By using the Blunt RX Needle in the cervical spine, the patient is free to perform flexion with rotation motions without the risk of puncturing the dura and other structures.

The RX-2 and why it is preferred

Dr. Racz adds a side note about the RX-2 Coude. He explains why both physicians and sales reps recognize the proven safety of using this needle with the secondary stylet.

fiXate ™

Dr. Ralph Justiz explains the benefits of using the fiXate™ anchoring system to secure SCS leads as opposed to using sutures.

Double Nelson

Dr. John Nelson explains the development of the Double Nelson extension set from hearing of previous disasters of transformaminal epidural steroid injections.


Pain Population Registry

Dr. Bryce talks about his new study on pain and population medicine, which will soon be published.

Physician Services

Meredith George, Director of Physician Services, provides information regarding billing, coding, and practice management updates.

Predetermination Process

Director of Physician Services, Meredith George, explains the importance of writing a letter of predetermination to insurance providers to verify coverage of certain medical procedures.